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We invest in the production and promotion of environmentally friendly products, fostering international partnerships with the goal of both contributing to the business growth of our partners and benefiting our customers. long-term benefits to society and environment.

Tusker Vietnam J.S.C is operating in Trade Promotion for Several Sectors, Various Products between Vietnam and the World markets.

Image by Minh Luu ( & AA+Photography)

International cooperation activities on labor and study abroad


Working Abroad

In close connection with International Trade and Human Resource Supply organizations, we regularly participate in International Cooperation Activities on labor and study abroad. Seize overseas labor opportunities for Vietnamese in countries that need skilled workers and professional certificates


Internship exchange professional experience

We regularly exchange information and promote professional exchange activities for professions in all sectors of the economy, including education, health care and public services.


Study Abroad

We help a lot of students during or after their studies to find opportunities for further certifications or relevant fields of study, as well as to seize other study abroad opportunities.


Website launch soon

March 18, 2024 | by Tuskervn 

"Good Morning, Vietnam"

Oct 03, 2023 | by Tuskervn 


Food Expo Greece 2023

Jan 03, 2023 | by Tuskervn 

Eco-Green Vietnam Expo 2022

June 12 | by Tuskervn 

Survey of bamboo raw material area for kraft paper production project.

Dec. 06 | by Tuskervn


New energy project for the future.​

Nov. 18 by Tuskervn 

Solutions towards green environment, against climate change.

Sept. 21 | by Tuskervn  

The potential of clean agriculture in Vietnam.

Sept. 5 | by SBV   




We have worldwide network of our branches office to support your business

We confirm the quality, usefulness and reliability of the products, than we present it to you.


Our basic goal is to become the trusted partner with its 100% support to complete your business.

An important criterion in our activities is environmental friendliness.

With many years of experience operating in the fields of technology, equipment, import-export and international cooperation, Tuskervn has formed a wide relationship with many countries, in many fields from Trade, Technology Transfer, organizing the establishment of a production system to multinational trade promotion and exchange activities.

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