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Eco-Green Vietnam Expo 2022 in Athens and Sofia


11 thg 7, 2022

Implementing the Government's policies on promoting the export of Vietnamese goods, especially agricultural products and processed foods, Tusker Vietnam Joint Stock Company has successfully organized the Fair and Promotion Seminar-forum. trade ECO-GREEN VIETNAM EXPO 2022 in two European Union countries, Greece and Bulgaria, from May 31, 2022 to June 8, 2022.

In the context that the EVFTA Trade Agreement, which began to be implemented from August 1, 2020, has created a new impetus for Vietnam-EU relations, opening up vast cooperation opportunities, contributing to promoting trade activities. , connecting investment and trade exchange for the business community, and initially achieved positive changes in the growth of total two-way turnover between Vietnam and EU member countries. However, the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic has also negatively affected economic and trade activities between countries.

From the perception of assessment between EU market products in demand and Vietnamese products, there are still many limited gaps in meeting quality standards, consumer tastes as well as the level of deep participation. As part of the production, supply and consumption value chain in the EU market, Tusker Vietnam Joint Stock Company boldly organized the ECO-GREEN VIETNAM EXPO 2022 Fair and Workshop activities in Greece and Bulgaria. Initially, certain results have been obtained.

In Greece and Bulgaria, the host country partners have made specific commitments and actions on the establishment and operation of Centers such as Vietnam House, Vietnam Village in Athens and Sofia, to continue promoting promote Vietnamese products and culture, act as a focal point for import and distribution, and step by step remove obstacles in terms of commodity standards, packaging, labels, and consumer tastes of Vietnamese goods in these countries and from here to become the gateway for Vietnamese goods to continue to spread in other countries of the European Union.

Within the framework of activities of trade fairs and trade promotion forums, the business community and Vietnamese expatriates in Europe also participated in large numbers, developing specific plans on establishing distribution channels. distribution of Vietnamese goods, including reaching out to other European Union countries such as France, Germany, UK, Turkey, etc.
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