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Our market research and investment promotion activities are based on intergovernmental cooperation relationships between businesses from European countries and Vietnam. We have contributed significantly to shortening the pre-feasibility project time, taking advantage of the global competitive advantages of cooperation between countries.

Market Research. Our market research helps manufacturers understand the tastes of export-oriented markets and explore investment opportunities in the manufacturing and distribution sectors.


Product Promotion. Introducing products through seminars, trade fair activities, themed inter-country visits, helping businesses quickly develop the most suitable marketing plan.

Globalization of production is the process of sourcing goods and services from all over the globe to exploit and take advantage of national differences in the cost and quality of factors of production, such as labor. motion, energy, land and capital. Through the globalization of the production process, international businesses are expected to reduce their total cost structure or increase the quality or features of the products they supply to the market, thereby helping to for businesses to compete in the global market more effectively.

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